Here are 8 signs that prove you are definitely falling in love

Love makes the world go round, and we absolutely stand this pharse! Being in love is one of the most precious feelings which hits us hard, at least once in our lifetime. This ‘oh-so-beautiful’ feeling of finding that one special person in your life might just pop out of no where, but did you know there’s an entire process of catching feelings for someone! Well, you read that right, once you start falling for your specific one, there are these tiny subtle signs which tell you that it’s FINALLY happening, and that you are head over heels in love with your boo!

But again, what signs are we talking about? Worry not, we won’t leave you confused. All the love struck people, if you are trying to figure out whether what you share with your partner is love or just infatuation, here’s a list of 10 signs that will definitely help you understand if you are falling deep in love with your another half. We hope this helps!

1. You notice yourself singing all the love songs!

And all of a sudden the love songs make more sense! When you are in love, all the happy soft romantic songs make way to your playlist. Your state of mind is quite happy because you’ve just started realising that you’ve found the one, hence it’s not unusual to find your self singing along those cheesy love songs.

2. They are always on your mind!

When you are falling in love with someone your mind is occupied with them, like very single thing you do or see reminds you of them. Catching feelings connects you with that person to a point where they dominate your thoughts. It also makes you want them around more; something really good or really bad happens, they are the one you run to first!

3. Their pain hurts you too!

When you start getting attached to your partner’s emotional aspects you feel every single emotion of their deeply. If they are happy, you feel happy. If they are sad, you feel sad. Their hurt and suffering becomes your concern as you are willing to take away all the pain just to give them the affection and love. A tear in their eye would be the last thing you’d want to see, and if you are on this stage let’s say you are very much in love!

4. Your Partner’s hobby becomes your hobby!

Love makes you do crazy things! If your partner has a keen interest in literature you all of a sudden want to understand everything related to he subject. If you partner loves cooking, you’ll want to cook along with them even if you have no idea on how to hold a knife! These minor changes might slowly make your choices altered according to your specific one, and this is a natural thing to happen while you are in love.

5. Cuddles over Sex!

Who doesn’t like to cuddle with their baby boo? But ever realised that sometimes you just crave to have those comforting cuddles rather having a passionate session of sex with you partner! Well this is more likely to happen when your emotional connect with your partner shoots up, cuddling makes more sense to you rather just making love. Sometimes just laying on their chest makes you feel secured and safe; it’s pure love if you have experienced this.

6. You’ll plan out your future together!

Even if many wouldn’t agree, but we all have unknowingly been a part of a conversation on having a future together with our specific ones. You won’t even hit the realization and you would be out there discussing the names of your babies! Well, it’s not weird at all, planning out how you want things to shape up in the future is a positive sign showing that you want to stick around to that person in your life.

7. Feeling secured around them!

This is the BEST feeling in the world where you just know that nothing can go wrong when you are around with your better half. We can’t really fit this feeling into words, however you know that just holding their hand and having a silent walk will make you feel the safest, a more secured feeling than being in your own house.

8. They annoy you but you still have your heart on them!

There might be times where every single thing of your ‘the one’ might just annoy you to another level, however even if you don’t really like them in the moment you still can’t unlove them! If you are someone who likes neat and tidy living space and they are the ones who create a mess, you’d feel like pulling your hair out of frustation, however a soft kiss from your person will melt you down immediately! It’s like I love you but I don’t really like you right now.