In Pictures: Lily Collins’s nude bikini becomes new ‘hot’ of Hollywood after Golden Globe nomination

The 31-year-old British American actress Lily Jane Collins poses for some ‘pretty’ hot and bold pictures. Being the daughter of Phil Collins (a musician), she got the chance to debut on the screen when she was just 2! Nonetheless, the bold and beautiful actress has proved her worth in the industry with every new project.

Here are some latest pictures of Lily Collins that would just compel you to make her your new favourite:

Showing off her perfectly toned body, Lily Collins becomes the ‘hottest’ on the internet. Check out this bikini picture with a pinch of golden.

© Netflix

Have you seen Emily in Paris yet? No? Oh wait; this is a picture from that show. You must go and binge-watch it today.

© Netflix

Another still from the Netflix Original! Emily looks so elegant in that dress.

Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Well, this is such a pretty picture of the young actress from some event.

If you ever want to learn how to style a sleeveless dress, just see how Lily does that.