Top 10 Traditional and Authentic European Dishes that one must try

When we hear ‘European Food’ the delicacies that come in our mind are pizzas, fries, croissants, pasta and so on. However there’s alot more to European dishes than just the classics! These traditional and authentic cuisines might not be well-known but we assure you they are the most mouthwatering European food to dig on!

Each European country stands out for their specific food, say it the wholesome cheeses throughout, or the sea food in the Mediterranean. This continent is home for all those who fantasize to enjoy the traditionally rich cuisines, and if you are a foodie this entire read will make you restless, wanting to try out the yummy and delicious food of Europe. We have listed below Top 10 traditional European dishes that will make your mouth water and leave your stomach growling! Enjoy the read:

1. Potato Pancakes – Belarus

Hot potato pancakes served with sour cream.

This delicacy comes straight from Belarus, which is generally served with sour cream. It is a famous dish and could be found in restaurants as well as at a variety of food vendors easily! All you need to do is grate potatoes, mix them with egg and minced onion, fry them up, and the delicious draniki is set to be enjoyed with a topping of sour cream.

2. Black Risotto – Croatia

Black Risotto.

This dish is quite popular along Croatia’s coast, and features a tasty mix of cuttlefish or squid, olive oil, garlic, red wine and squid ink. Called “crni rižot” by Croatians, it is known for turning people’s teeth black!

3. Plov – Azerbaijan

Plov or pilaf.

This mouthwatering classic rice dish of Azerbaijan is also known as Pilaf. Plov is basically a saffron rice dish that holds ingredients like dried fruits and prunes, onions and herbs, and meat such as lamb. As it’s a traditional cuisine of the country, there are more than 40 different recipes to make the plov.

4. Cevapi – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cevapi served with bread and chopped onions.

It’s a famous Balkan dish which is the national delicacy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cevapi is the minced meat sausage, which can be made using lamb, veal, pork or beef. It is often served with somun, a pita-like bread, and chopped onion.

5. Smørrebrød – Denmark


These are one sliced sandwiches or you can say open sandwiches. It is a buttered rye bread with some variation of eggs, cheese, meat and/or fish. This food item holds a lot of innovation as smørrebrød may be topped with everything from roast beef and horseradish to shrimp and red caviar. The toppings are completely your thing to decide on!

6. Karelian Pies – Finland

Karelian Pies.

This is one of the finest staple dish in the list. The karelian pies are thin crusts made out of flour, which are stuffed with potatoes, rice and carrots. The other way around as the dish is also tried with egg butter, that is a mix of butter and hard boiled eggs.

7. Khinkali – Georgia


This dish is extremely common and loved as one will find khinkali in all the basic events of Georgia. These meat-filled dumplings are perfect party foods and a filling appetizer.
Khinkali can be made with pork, beef or lamb and includes several spices. They can be made by adding cheese, potato or mushrooms as well.

8. Pretzels – Germany


Pretzels have been most closely associated with Germany for centuries now. This delicacy was invented in the middle age by the European monks. However, today German bakeries, restaurants and beer halls serve them topped with everything from ham and cheese to pumpkin seed. The best versions of pretzels are a crispy crust and chewy dough inside.

9. Byrek – Albania


Phyllo pastry is a common ingredient of Balkan dishes, and in Albania, byrek is just one example of its tasty uses. Stuffing the filo pastry with creamy feta cheese and spinach and sometimes even with meat like lamb; byrek can be served as a main dish or an appetizer.

10. Goulash – Hungary

Traditional Goulash.

This meat stew features spices and seasoning, most prominently paprika, which is mixed with tomatoes, garlic, carrots, potatoes and beef. Another savory version is ‘kettle goulash,’ made by frying beef or mutton with onions in lard.