Top 6 adventure parks in London, United Kingdom (2021)

An amusement park is a place where all the rides, water slides, and rope courses are available for young teenagers and adults.  These also have the facility of a café / restaurant so that young people after having some fun can have some snacks if they are hungry.

Now we will have a look at the top adventure parks in London –
1. Chessington World of Adventure – This is a great place for everyone. People at the park can enjoy the adventures rides as well as visit the zoo and check their sea life. These parks also host some entertainment shows.

2. Thorpe Park – Opened in 1979, Thorpe Park has almost 1.9 million visitors in a year. The park has the fastest rollercoaster in the United Kingdom.
Some of the other facilities this park provides are free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking space.

3. Alexandra Palace – Alexandra Palace is famous for its boating rides, one can choose some of the best boats and ride it in the lake. The park also offers a skatepark where one can practice their skating moves or enjoy watching the experts.

4. Go Ape at Trent Park – For high-flying adventurers and thrills, this park is the best. In this mountain forest once you’re high up the tree even Scotland is visible. They also have zip wires.

5. London Dungeons – This fantastic park is filled with thrills as it contains London’s dark and haunted past. One of the unique points of this park is that the trainers will scare you sometimes and also make you laugh. Mazes and storytelling are also included in this entertaining park.

6. Harry Potter Studios – Harry potter has been a very very famous series. To accompany the series, an amusement park has been made where people get to see Harry Potter’s animation and broomstick. On the broomstick, you are allowed to sit and imagine the scene of the Harry Potter series.

London has a few of the best amusement parks in the world.