Yoshihito Nishioka referred to Roger Federer as ‘Pikachu’ of Tennis World

World number 61, Yoshihito Nishioka described Roger Federer as ‘Pikachu’ of the Tennis world. Japanese Tennis player Nishioka was asked to relate Tennis players to Pokemon creatures.

Pikachu is one of the most beloved characters of the iconic Japanese franchise ‘Pokemon’. Pikachu is even the most popular and loved the character of the entire franchise and the Japanese player referred Federer to Pickachu because of this attribute.

Nishioka has played against Federer once in the past; the Swiss legend won their first-round match at the 2018 US Open in straight sets. The player has one ATP singles title to his credit and has peaked at No. 48 in the rankings.

Nishioka is also a great fan of Pokemon and that is why the interviewer asked him to relate the Pokemon character with the Tennis stars. 25-years-old Nishioka claimed Federer is loved around the world like Pikachu.

“I think everybody loves it (Pikachu). For sure, it’s gonna be Roger Federer,” Nishioka stated. “I think in men’s tennis, the most famous player is Roger Federer. Maybe wrong, but I think like that. Everybody loves Pikachu. So I think Roger Federer.”

During the interview, Nishioka also likened Aussie Nick Kyrgios to ‘Lizardon’ for being ‘strong’ and ’emotional’.

“I think Nick Kyrgios,” Nishioka said. “I don’t know why but I think he’s really emotional on the court. He’s a strong, strong guy. And then big serve you know. Very powerful.”