How to study smart and not study hard

One has always been told that they should study hard in order to achieve and fulfil their ambitions and goals but one should study smart instead of putting too much pressure on themselves. A perfect blend of hard work and smart work can help cope with pressure easily. Here are few tips to help one study smarter.

  1.  Short study with intervals

Short study sessions help process the information much better than sitting for longer periods of time. Planning study schedules with short intervals can help.

2. Healthy lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle helps in grasping more information and keeps us alert. It’s important to ensure that you consume nutritious foods to get the brain powered up. Eating fish, nuts, berries and yoghurt help you study better.

3.  Setting goals

Make a list of study goals and tick them off when completed. Not only will it motivate and give  a sense of achievement but it will also help one feel in control and reduce any study stress.

4. Reading loudly and recalling

Reading the study material loudly can help you recall what you are studying much easily. Try to close eyes and say what you studied helps in remembering faster and better.

5.  Getting in the zone

Make a proper environment for yourself when you sit down to study. Remove anything that might distract you and keep the area clean. You should also gather the things that are needed like all the necessary books, a few pens etc.