US President Joe Biden orders first military strike; a minimum of 22 killed


American airstrikes were sent to Syria to focus on an Iraqi militia way station overnight. It had been meant as a calibrated and calculated reaction to rocket attacks on us facilities this month during which one person died.
However, the strike ended up within the death of twenty-two people, reports a monitoring organization. This not only comes as big news but also might be an unpredicted outcome against the primary action ordered by President Joseph Biden.

The US released half a dozen missiles on a Syrian location on Friday. it’s been told that the situation is employed by Kataib Hezbollah and Kataib Sayid al-Shuhada – two Iranian-backed Iraq militias (who are claimed to be behind a deadly 15 February attack on an American base in northern Iraq and another 22 February attack on its embassy in Baghdad).

While the Pentagon described the airstrikes as a “proportionate military response”, the high reported price, if established, could have unintended outcomes both for the delicate Iraqi government of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi and Washington-Baghdad relations.

Though, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a generally credible monitoring group based in London shared that none of the people killed within the situation were Iranian.
According to SOHR, the airstrikes unfolded early morning civil time, targeting a weapon’s shipment crossing from Syria into Iraq near the border crossing that disconnects near the Iraqi town of al-Qaim. US officials told reporters the military dropped seven 500-pound bombs on a cluster of buildings along the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Both Israel and the US have some or the opposite times attacked the Iranian-backed militias, which extend Tehran’s influence and power and are seen as a serious threat by Arab autocracies aligned with the US.
Washington and Tehran are now seeking to re-engage in diplomacy and resurrect a deal curtailing Iran’s nuclear program after four years of sour relations under President Donald Trump but are hampered by mistrust.

Syria condemned the airstrikes and urged President Biden to not follow “the law of the jungle”.
“Syria condemns within the strongest terms the US cowardly attack on areas in Deir al-Zor near the Syrian-Iraqi border,” the Syrian foreign ministry said during a statement.