How to travel Israel like a pro – a round trip guide!

Israel has become one of the most visited and expensive tourist destinations in the world. No doubt, there is a lot to discover, so, we have a few tips for you to help you make your Israel tours a smooth experience. In this blog, we will discuss the accommodation, food, car rentals, and how to go round and about in Israel.

Accommodations in Israel (per night) – 

 Hostels in Israel cost around 85 NIS i.e., $24 (Rs 1700-1800) per bed in a 4-bed dorm room. Whereas, a hotel room would cost you 300 NIS i.e., $83 (Rs 6500-7000).

Food in Israel

You can expect the main course on a restaurant’s menu to cost about 60 NIS i.e., $17. There is a lot of street food available as well that you can munch on. The street food has a huge variety – falafel, shawarma sandwiches, drinks, etc. You can get a meal for about 25 NIS i.e., $7.

Car Rentals in Israel

A rental car per day would cost you around 80 – 140 NIS i.e., $22-39 USD (Rs 1600 – 2900). Taking about the gas services, it would around 6-7 NIS i.e., $1.67 – 1.95$ per liter of gasoline.

Car Parking in Israel

The streets are color-coded to let you know if you can park there or not –

  • Blue + white means it is a paid parking spot.
  • Red + white means there is no parking allowed.
  • Solid grey would mean you’re allowed free parking
  • Gray + yellow means you can simply kiss and drive (but you may not leave the car)

 Israel Tours – Travel Tips 

  • The most logical thing you can do is rent a car at the airport. However, if you want to explore and spend a few days in Tel Aviv first, then we advise you to rent a car later.
  • Driving in Israel is pretty safe and comfortable. However, driving in the Palestinian territories, including the West Bank and Gaza is not recommended. There are set regulations in some areas that need to be adhered to.
  • Navigation around Israel can be easy with car rental. However, car rentals charge an extra fee for renting the GPS. To save this money, you can get an Israeli SIM card and navigate with that.
  • While booking accommodation, check for the on-site car parking service or spot availability. Parking in many areas in Israel can be a little problematic. Inquiring about on-site parking first will save your time.

Save yourself from the trouble of going through all this. Forget getting stressed over finding accommodation, renting cars, worrying about parking, etc., and opt for a smooth, stress-free trip with an affordable and memorable Israel tour package