Top 5 Museums to visit in United Kingdom (2021)

A museum is a non-profit institution that is open to the public that saves the work of arts, heritage and displays historical items. These works are explained to the public so that they understand the history and are involved in past works of architecture.

We will now talk about the top museums in the United Kingdom. They are –

1. British Museum – Founded in the year 1753 in London, this museum is dedicated to human history, art and culture.
It has a collection of 8 million works and is one of the largest museums in the world.

The best part of this museum is its collection i.e. Egyptian Mummies, Renaissance & Medieval objects, Rosetta Stone, and Tomb of Mausolus.

2. The Tate Modern – The Tate Modern became the UK’s most attractive museum. The institution had more than 5.80 million visitors in the year 2018. It is an extremely popular institution for arts. There is an amazing collection of some brilliant works from artists like Bonnard, Picasso, Pollock, and Bourgeois, etc.
Here you can see some famous works like Marilyn Diptych, Mountain Lake and Tiny Deaths, etc.

3. National Gallery – This museum was founded in London, United Kingdom in the year 1824 and has seen a huge number of people visit every year. It was founded by the Government of the United Kingdom.
Here you’ll see some of the famous architecture paintings.

4. Natural History Museum – Founded in London and designed by Alfred Waterhouse, it has a various range of history to show. Some of the spectacular things here are the Dinosaur gallery and the Blue Whale Model and with that, the visitors also get a chance to see scientists work in their laboratories.

5. Victoria and Albert Museum – Museum which sees more than 3,867,550 visitors in a year is our last museum on the list. This museum is considered the largest museum for sculpture, interior designing, jewelry, and textiles, etc. There are some of the works that you shouldn’t miss, these are The Cast Courts, The Fashion Gallery, The Jewelry gallery and Raphael’s cartoon, etc.