10 Car Manufacturers in United Kingdom (2021)


British cars have always been an important part of the automobile industry in the world. The automobile industry in the United Kingdom is known for making top-quality cars. In 2018, the United Kingdom provided around 990,000 job opportunities in the automobile industry.

Some of the luxuries and top brands are –

Jaguar first appeared in 1935 with its headquarters based in Coventry, United Kingdom. The country is Jaguar’s largest single market.

In 2018, 449,000 cars were manufactured in the home plant. This is almost 29% of all passenger cars in the United Kingdom. Jaguar C-type has been one of the best leading cars in the history of Jaguar.

Land Rover
The company was introduced in 1948 with its headquarters in Coventry, United Kingdom. Land Rover was known as a powerful competitor that could challenge SUV car’s from the United States.

One of the best selling features of Land Rover was its ability to run smoothly on rough patches. Discovery Sport is the most popular Land Rover car. In the year 2020, almost 14,000 Land Rover cars were sold in the United Kingdom.

Aston Martin
Aston Martin was founded in the year 1913 and is headquartered in England.
They are another top brand known for their luxury, these are sports cars which are often seen used in films and T.V shows.

In the year 2020, a total of 4151 vehicles was sold under Aston Martin. Aston Martin Valkyrie car is the latest addition to the Aston Martin company list. The sports car is developed for race track use as well as for road use.

Mercedes Benz
The company is headquartered in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Mercedes-Benz is regarded as one of the oldest petrol-engine cars in England with Great Britain as one of the largest markets for this car.

Having various Mercedes offices in London, the company is able to deliver the product in all parts of the United Kingdom. As per research, Mercedes Benz sold more than 7,450 cars in the United Kingdom during the year 2020. The C-class Mercedes Benz model is regarded as the most successful model in this brand.

The company was founded by Walter Owen Bentley. The luxury car and SUV Is British manufacture and is connected with the Volkswagen Group. Manufacturing and assembling of Bentley cars are done in Crewe, England.

In 2020, Bentley had a good year in terms of selling, The British company has sold more than 11,200 cars globally despite the Coronavirus situation. Bentley Continental GT is a latest top-class model in terms of luxury and comfort was introduced in Crewe, England in the year 2020.

The British supercar brand was founded in 1985 with a car manufacturing unit based in Surrey, England. The car is known for its super-fast speed and comfort on rough roads.

The super series range for 2021 is the 620R and is regarded as the most effective of the Sports series products. McLaren sold around 3,338 cars in the year 2017, achieving the record of highest sale in a year.

Honda has been making cars in their Swindon factory since 1992. The activities include assembling, maintaining, and engine assembling. The Swindon plant has a capacity of making more than 340,000 Honda cars.

Honda Civic in 1927 was the first Honda car to get imported into the United Kingdom. 2795 cars were sold by Honda in the United Kingdom in the year 2019. Honda Civic Hatchback is one of the latest cars to be manufactured by the Swindon factory. The car is unique in design and has a few sport interiors.

Nissan’s factory near Sunderland made its first car in the year 1986. With the help of more than 5,900 workers, Nissan is the largest car factory in the United Kingdom. Nissan Motor Manufacturing unit in the United Kingdom with its on and off the job training facilities for workers has led the factory to become the most productive car manufacturing unit in the country.

Nishan Qashqai in 2018 became the best British Built car as per the UK Motor Awards. Nissan Ariya, Next Generation Nissan Juke, and Nissan e-NV 200 Combi are some of the other cars made in the United Kingdom. In 2020, around 7,100 cars were sold by Nissan in the United Kingdom.

Toyota decided to set up a manufacturing unit in the United Kingdom and thus provides job opportunities for more than 3,700 people. The factory is located in Derbyshire, England, and Deeside in Wales.

The first car produced by Toyota in the United Kingdom was Auris. Toyota Carina E, Toyota Corolla, and Toyota Avensis are some more cars produced in the country.
Some cars are also manufactured in the United Kingdom and sent to Japan for their use. In 2020, despite the pandemic, Toyota achieved record-breaking sales in the UK market and had a market share of 5.18%.

Vauxhall Motors is a British brand car having its factory in Chalton, England.
The cars made in Britain are sold to various foreign countries in Europe and is relaunched under the name ‘ Opel ‘.

Vauxhall Astra under the brand name ‘ Vauxhall ‘ is one of the most popular cars in the country. The latest car called the ‘ Corsa ‘ with its comfortable and fun to drive quality is regarded as one of the best selling cars for 2021 so far with more than 16,000 units sold in the market.